Gender Discrimination.

“It is time that we all see gender as a Spectrum instead of two sets of opposing Ideals.”

– Emma Watson.

India is a male dominant society and this gender discrimination is the biggest obstacle in the development of India. In India, women are worshipped like goddesses but still, some people considered a girl’s birth as a curse and whereas the birth of a boy is celebrated which is very shameful for our country. Men enjoy certain privileges over women, they have to face injustice Even before they are born, injustice is meted out of them in this male chauvinistic world in various ways. Some brutal practices like female foeticide show the widespread gender discrimination in our society.

A boy is considered as an asset whereas a girl child is considered as a liability and she doesn’t enjoy the privileges of a boy and she doesn’t even get the proper education. Harassment by in-laws over dowry is the reason for most of the suicides of women. In some houses, they have to live in ‘Purdah’ throughout their whole life and they don’t have the freedom to live freely like men. working women also have to face so many difficulties, they are physically and verbally harassed in their workplaces, denied opportunities for growth, and subjected to discrimination.

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Certain brutal practices like honor killing, human trafficking, dowry system, societal dogmas show the discrimination and backwardness of our society towards women. Now It’s time to empower women, instead of treating them as helpless victims of male chauvinism. Women empowerment, spreading awareness, proper law-making, and execution, exemplary punishment for the predators, etc., definitely will bring positive changes.

Our government should have to make some strict laws against the culprits of women, and people of our country should also get aware of women and have to understand that men and women both are equal, and women also have the right to live free and safe.  

“Let us live, let her live, and let us help her live in a better-developed society.”

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